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Some companies use wasteful and harmful roofing techniques that can comprimise the integrity of your roof. At Endurance Exteriors, we use state-of-the art products and procedures — helping your avoid financially wasteful gimmicks. Save money by avoiding the needless services others try to offer. Crucial roofing techniques should always include:

On the other hand, wasteful roofing techniques often include expensive ice and water shield applied in the wrong places, overpriced underlayments, and overpriced decorative shingles.


We install high quality steel chimney flashing, full floating types. We always grind into the masonry and use absolute top quality sealants so these pesky leak-prone areas won't cause you any headaches down the road. We provide a 20 year warranty on all flashing work.


We install top-of-the-line seamless gutters and downspouts of all sizes and colors. We provide a 20 year warranty on all gutter work.

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Find out how to get the best bang for your buck without sacrificing quality. We'd love to listen to you and review your options when it comes to your roof.

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